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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Cleaning Saturday!

..Or so that's what I was going to call today, but I'd rather scrap!

I haven't posted in a little while. We were going to move & it's turned out that we don't have to! Yay! I can't even begin to describe the extent of relief I feel! Anyway, I'm glad we're not moving now & maybe everything will fall into place now.
I also wanted to thank Pebbles for picking me as the winner for the 'Favorites Challenge' on Friday, March 12. I am super excited about receiving some of their products [as my prize!]..They have such very cute paper lines!

That's it for today. Hope everyone is having a good weekend! I've got to finish unpacking [and my 'spring' cleaning!] this weekend so I'm sure mine will be awesome!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Just another Monday

I am dreading this week..ugh.
We are moving. I'd rather squeeze lemon juice in my eyes than move right now.

Ok, maybe not, but I still don't like it!

Anyway, I am really loving the weather that we've been having the past couple days! It's a sure sign that spring is almost here! Yay :) I love this time of year..The flowers, the sunshine, [my birthday!! & our anniversary!!]..and for some reason I always am able to get wonderful pictures during spring!

Sorry, I'm just rambling. I haven't slept much here lately. I've been having a really rough time getting my 'scrapbook mojo' in check the last week..I don't know what's going on but it's really ticking me off!! I wanted to get a page or two done before we started packing, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen.. Boo.

Anyway, if anyone is reading this & has ANY inspiration for me, I'd appreciate it!!


Friday, March 5, 2010

It's Here!

Oh My Goodness! There are so many beautiful giveaways with the lovely "Blog Crawl" going on over @ Bella Blvd, Niki Sivils, & Jillibean Soup! AND - it's ALL WEEKEND LONG! I am so excited I can barely contain myself!
*crosses fingers. hoping to win something!*

I will be back - it's back to CRAWLING!!!

Yea, it's nearly 4 AM!

I have insomnia.

Or maybe it all started when I started scrapbooking? hmmm... Does that happen?!

Either way, I'm super excited about tomorrow..or rather, today! Bella Blvd, Nikki Sivils, & Jillibean Soup are hosting this 'Blog Crawl' where they will be giving away tons of goodies & boy am I in need of some 'giveaways'!! I really am not sure WHAT a blog crawl is, but I'm all for it!
It's time to get back to this scrapbook page I've been stuck on for the last 24 hours..Hopefully I can go to sleep soon - hopefully!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hi there!!
Okay, so I haven't been on here in about a week or so [my laptop had a melt down], but I get on here and there's no posts, no background, NOTHING!!

..So! Let's try this ONE MORE TIME!!

I finally added a couple pages from my scrapbooks onto! I was kind of scared to, seeing as I am just a beginner & there are sooo many ladies that have BEAUTIFUL pages[Seriously, they're awesome PAGES!]. I'm kind of intimidated by them! I did, however, receive a couple comments on each, so that makes me feel better!

Anyway, it's late and I've got some scrappin' to do!!!

This is my youngest, Braden @ 8-9months old! Such a sweetie!
I got this sketch from Creative Scrappers!
They have some of the BEST sketches!


My oldest, Austin @ 1 year - He used to always make this face! Ha!


Braden again @ 1 year old - Yea, my boys make goofy faces![sorry for the blurry pic]